Getting Started: Comic Navigation

There are multiple options for navigation within a comic in eComic. Navigation is moving the displayed image forward or backwards from the list of images inside a CBR file.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts allow for navigation
  • Page Up: goes backwards a page
  • Up arrow key: goes backwards a page
  • Page Down: goes forwards a page
  • Down arrow key: goes forwards a page

Mouse Commands

In the options dialog, an option exists to determine if the mouse scroll wheel controls image navigation or image zooming. By un-checking the related checkbox, the mouse scroll wheel functions as navigation control (scroll down to go forward, scroll up to go backwards)

Clicking the middle mouse button (typically the scroll wheel itself) will advance the displayed image

Page Selection tools

The primary page selector is the thumbnails found on the right hand side of the window. Selecting a thumbnail, displays the selected image in the primary screen.

The "Go To Page" option on the application menu, displays a dialog which allows the user to select the displayed page

Right-clicking on the Page Title** in the status bar, brings up a list of pages. Selection from this list, displays the page
Navigate by Page Title selector

Right-clicking on the Page Number** in the status bar, brings up a slider control. Moving the slider, changes the displayed image in real-time
Navigate by Page Number selector

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