Supported File Types

eComic is fundamentally a sequential image viewer, where the images in question are wrapped up into an archive format of some type; specifically ZIP and RAR archives. The image types that are currently supported are:
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • PNG

While a special format is not needed for these archives, there are some things that are helpful. The files should be structured in such a way that they contain a list of images, and a single TEXT or XML file.

If the TEXT file is included, then it is assumed that it is the translator's notes for this particular archive. In eComic, if more than one TEXT file is included, it displays the last one that it finds while iterating through the file collection of the archive.

If an XML file is included, then it is assumed that the XML file follows the ComicInfo schema, described here: ComicInfo.xsd

The final thing is that eComic supports a new file format, I'm calling Graphic Novel Archive (gn*). What this is, is support to create archives which contain archives. This is useful if you're trying to generate a reading list for a crossover from say the Marvel Universe where the individual CBR files would be named wildly different between each chapter of the story. The GNR files can be built in one of two ways; with or without an XML file. If no XML file is found, then the CBR archives are sorted by their name. If an XML file is found, then it will attempt to use it to build a reading list of the CBR files in the archive.

The Graphic Novel archive XML file schema can be found here: GraphicNovel.xsd

The supported archive formats for eComic are:
  • Individual Issue Archives
    • cbr - RAR
    • cbz - ZIP
    • cb7 - 7z (support still sketchy here)
  • Multiple Issue Archives
    • gnr - RAR
    • gnz - ZIP
    • gn7 - 7z (support still sketchy here)

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