eComic Version History

Version 2010.0.0.3
  • Fixed issues in the "Full Screen Control Panel" causing it to lack translucence
  • Added loupe magnification control
  • Added keyboard commands to access full screen mode (F11) and the loupe magnification (CTRL+l)
  • Added system to provide update notifications
  • Fixed crash which occurred on XP machines when attempting to go into "Full screen" mode

Version 2010.0.0.2
  • Fixed crash error when accessing the "Go To Page" dialog
  • Fixed bug which was stopping the keyboard command to open the "Open File" dialog
  • Added a control panel to the Full Screen mode
  • Changed "Numeric" control to a slider control on the options screen

Version 2010.0.0.1
  • Rebuilt form in .NET 4
  • Rebuilt Comic opening engine to improve speed and performance
  • Removed manual zoom control
  • Implemented programmatic PAN/ZOOM functionality on mouse events and ribbon buttons
  • Added progress bar charting opening archive progress to status bar
  • Modified page number/page name to allow selection of pages via that function
  • Added icon to status bar to indicate type of file loaded
  • Added ability to open a directory of images
  • Added functionality to create simple CBZ file from an opened directory of images
  • Added support for a 'full screen' mode
  • Added additional buttons to RIBBON element for ease of access to the functions
  • Allow for DragDrop of a file from Explorer to force open

Version 2.5.10007.60
  • Moved Thumbnail to Right Side
  • Added ZOOM control to Left Side of screen
  • Allowed image to be zoomed and panned
  • Fixed process allowing application to launch and load an associated file type when the file is double-clicked
  • Modified FILE OPEN process to use BackgroundWorker
  • Added a MRU list to RIBBON menu
  • Added GOTO PAGE function
  • Fixed small technical issues

  • Ripped out all extraneous functionality
  • Moved Thumbnail system to bottom of side
  • Removed TAB system
  • New UI Theme/Style
  • Changed thumbnails to a virtualizing listbox
  • Began Work on an Exterior Editor for CBZ files
  • Added in the GN* file type to support Reading Lists/Graphic Novel/Manga Volume structures (an archive of CB* archives)

  • Added in styles to all controls
  • Implmented MRU List
  • Implmented Next Archive command
  • Implmented Previous Archive command
  • Began Work on Context Menu
  • Added in hooks for Next/Previous Archive system
  • Began designing bookmark aspect

  • Changed technology to WPF form
  • Activated Ribbon control
  • thumbnail navigation (still flaky)

  • Removed Big MAIN window, reverted to simple toolbar

  • Misc. Error fixes
  • Modified the Image Viewer to allow for scrolling functionality.

  • Fixed Startup Issue where PC would launch multiple instances of the application when double-clicking an associated file
  • Made Temp file clean up more robust
  • Added in "Go To Page by Thumbnail" functionality
  • Organized Source Code
  • Added Slide show option to Image Viewer
  • Generated Options Dialog
  • Added in a Gamma Filter
  • Made Gamma Filter preservable via the OPTIONS dialog, or per archive via the Image Viewer Context Menu
  • Added in a Adjust Color Filter
  • Made Adust Color Filter preservable via the OPTIONS dialog, or per archive via the Image Viewer Context Menu
  • Added in a Contrast Filter
  • Made Contrast Filter preservable via the OPTIONS dialog, or per archive via the Image Viewer Context Menu
  • Added in a Brightness Filter
  • Made Brightness Filter preservable via the OPTIONS dialog, or per archive via the Image Viewer Context Menu
  • Added in a Color Inversion filter
  • Added in a grayscale filter
  • Actually implmented SAVE functionality
  • Began working with the ComicInfo.xsd file
  • Made new Application Icon
  • New MAIN window
  • Image Viewer
  • Spellcheck added to Archive Editor

  • Added "Go To Page By Number" Dialog
  • Began working with Reading Lists
  • Main Form generates Default Reading list from Directory holding archive
  • Modified Load Next Archive/Load Previous Archive functions in the ImageViewer to utilize a Reading List
  • Removed Load Next/Previous Archive buttons from Main Form
  • Added a Menu System to the Main Form
  • Added a MRU system to the Main Form's Menu
  • Fixed License in the Installer
  • Made version history visible from UI
  • Added in ICONS for CBR & CBZ files
  • Added capability to launch ImageViewer by double-clicking archive file
  • Added Archives to the Recent Document List
  • Added Go to First/Last Page to Image Viewer

  • Fixed Recursion issue when an CBR/CBZ file has folders within it
  • Allow for loading another archive from the ImageViewer screen
  • Save a single image from the archive

  • Opens CBR, CBZ, Zip, & Rar files for viewing
  • Displays PNG, JPEG, GIF & BMP image files
  • Navigation via mouse scroll wheel
  • Navigation via up/down and Page Up/Page Down keys
  • Remembers previous story
  • Guesses which archive file is next/previous in the current folder
  • Can open multiple archive files
  • Archives are displayed in full-screen mode
  • commands are accessible via a context-menu while in the viewer

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