Future development plans

The following is a simple bullet list of the things which I plan on building into eComic
  • Finish Fleshing out Editor (for CBR & GNR files)
  • Need to display any notes/meta-information associated with a CBR file in that editor
  • Need to display any IMAGE specific information found in the CBR Meta-data
  • Add in 7z support (CB7)
  • Look into globalization of the software
  • PDF support
  • Build CBZ editor (loads other archive types, but saves to CBZ)
  • Image brightness/color balancing functionality
  • Find ways to decrease memory footprint; currently runs:
    • No Archive Loaded: ~30,000K
    • 20-page CBR Loaded: ~45,000K
    • 170-page CBR Loaded: ~73,800K

Possible Plans

These are options which I may or may not include in eComic. Frankly, these are features which I don't see the need for and/or I actively don't like the concept behind. I may implement them, just for the task of building the functionality, but it is not on my plate of features I'm truly interested in implementing in the reader as I utilize it. For each feature listed here, I detail my thoughts on the function, as to why I'm not that interested in implementing it.
  • Two-Page mode I do not like the two-page mode. I have found that most CBR files don't expect a user to have this option turned on, and thus incorporate two-page spread files as a single image.
  • Manga Mode (right->left reading) this will only be implemented if the "two-page" mode is ever implemented. Without a two-page option, this is an unnecessary feature.
  • Library management eComic was envisioned as a reading tool, as such, I don't see the need to incorporate document management functionality into the system. I may build a secondary application to perform library management of eComics, but I'm not certain if it is adds enough value to add it to the core functionality of the system (i.e. I want the reader to read).

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