Opening a CBR File

  • Launch the application via the short-cut found in your Programs list.
Launch Application
  • Once the application is launched, the eComic window will be displayed.
eComic Window
  • To access the file dialog, click the Application Menu, and select the open file command
Open File from Menu

Other ways to access this would be to use the quick access button or activate the Ribbon menu and select the icons from either location.
  • Once the Open command has been sent, the Open File dialog is displayed
Open File Dialog
  • Find and select the file to be opened. By default, eComic will filter for CBR, CBZ, RAR and ZIP files
  • Once the file has been found select the Open button
  • In the status bar, their is a progress control which displays the progress of the file opening system.
File Open Progress
  • Once the file has loaded, it will display the first page in the primary viewing area, as well as thumbnails of the pages to the right of the main image
Comic loaded in eComic

Note: After the comic has loaded, information about the image being displayed can be seen in the status bar.
Status Bar
  • The first value is the current page number being displayed (this will be the index of the selectable image, and may not correspond with the actual page number listed on the comic image)
  • The second value is the name of the image file.
  • The last option (the icon on the far right) tells about the archive which eComic has opened. If it is a CBR/CBZ file, it will display the mime-type icon for those file types. If it is a directory, it will display a directory icon, and if it does not know what type of file has been opened, it will display an unknown file icon.

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